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Crypto Investment That Can Deliver a Good Income

Started by 4niso, Jun 08, 2019, 12:09 am

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You have probably heard that it is still possible to generate income with crypto investment, but putting your money 'to work' should always be a responsible, well-considered decision and it is no secret that the reason for investing money is to get the profit with the lowest possible risk.

However, cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile which is a definitely normal phenomenon for an emerging asset class and it does not mean that there are no conservative investing opportunities within crypto space. Here are some latest options to get income with cryptocurrencies without trading.

These options are eligible for those who want to control the situation rather than to feel tension after submitting buy/sell orders. In short - this article will barely be useful for 'moon boys' but if you are a conservative investor this article might be really worth reading.

Option #1 - Staking Pools

How it works: You get paid just for staking the coins you hold. This is a really easy way to earn more coins without having to run a mining rig of ASIC miner.

This option is also endorsed by Crypto Ace John McAfee himself. In a recent tweet, he even expressed that the bear market pushed him to invest in staking pools and the monthly returns are 'surprisingly good'.

Option #2 - Saving Accounts with Interest Paid in Crypto

How it works: similar to a staking pool but more oriented for institutional investors. You get paid in Ethereum or Bitcoin on a monthly basis.

As an example, BlockFi lending platform has introduced two crypto accounts that pay you 6.2 percent crypto interest on the deposited amount on a monthly basis which is a higher rate than other 'players' are offering in the market. So you definitely should want to check this out.

People get 2% on their savings account in the US. In Japan, it's zero. 6 percent to investors in Japan is eye-watering.

Please note: The minimum limit to get started with BlockFi is either 1 Bitcoin or 25 Ethereum - and by doing so, BlockFi users can immediately earn interest. However, users who live in Washington, New York, Connecticut presently won't be able to access its services due to the regulatory uncertainty.

Option #3 - Cryptocurrency Lending

How it works: The business model is rather simple - the lender company receives digital assets as a guarantee that the loan will be repaid, meanwhile collateral protects the lender platform's investors from financial risk thus meaning that lending your crypto assets through such platforms lets you earn interest.

Lats take Whalelend as an example. The platform lets you lend crypto-assets and earn interest. In most cases you will be asked to select your cryptocurrency of choice to lend, then set an interest rate (not all platform offer this option, but some lets you choose interest rate), and the amount you are willing to lend.

As far as interest percentage is concerned, the regular APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on Whalelend is ~15-20% which is a really impressive, but please be informed, that the annualized returns vary depending on the asset and the exchange.

Other Options

These are the most easy-to-implement solutions to earn money without any specific knowledge. Of course, there are more options to get returns like masternodes, arbitrage, trading bots, mining, collectables, gambling, airdrops, referrals and etc. But these we have mentioned are the most stable and simple ways to get onboard and start generating the returns.

Please note: is not a financial advisor. Do your own research before investing your funds in any financial asset. We are not responsible for your investing results.