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List of Mistakes that make people poor in crypto trading

Started by 4niso, Jun 04, 2019, 12:32 am

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Here is a List of Mistakes that make people poor in crypto trading, though this list is not in a particular order but just to give you an insight on how to avoid them.

1. Impatience:
This is one of the trending factors that lead to losses most of the time in cryptocurrency trading. Impatience have seen many crypto investors sell their valuable coins at cheap prices and regret later when the market rises above the price they had sold for. It is advisable to stay calm and wait patiently especially when the market goes down.

2.  Lack of patience: To be successful in the crypto trading, one will really need to master the act of being patient.They sell their assets because of panic and fear of continuous price reductions and for the rise and fall in prices. Forgetting that rise and fall is a constant thing in cryptocurrency world. People who loss a big amount in crypto are those who really do panic selling or maybe trading which result into a huge loss of their investment, capital, etc.
3. Lack of experience: To trade in the cryptocurrancy world requires a lot of experience, if you lack this then you are on the high way to being a very poor trader.

Are you a crypto trader, what other mistakes do you think make trader loss their money.