Aug 24, 2019, 07:17 am


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Look out fot fake mining firmware floating around

Started by 4niso, Aug 13, 2019, 11:08 pm

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According to mikeywith, there are some fake firmware floating around to help people mine coins with ease.

what these people show you is a live miner running say at 15xhash, then they download this .exe file and launch it, go back to the same page and suddenly the hashrate is at 28-30xhash.

they started to be active since the fall of prices, when things started to get really rough for miners , they know many people will be more than willing to boost their hashrate by 2x, when lambo ?

always use your common sense, too good to be true ? scam !

- there is no way you getting 100% improvment on only software level
- running a windows executable file to modify a linux based miner is b.s that you should never trust regardless of the source.

you should also notice that many of those custom firmware have much higher dev fees than they claim,so should you decide to use one, monitor it closely.

stay safe fellow miners.