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Choosing the Best Bitcoins Faucet To Earn Money From

Started by Sub5, Jun 01, 2019, 09:20 pm

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You most have been asking your self how will you know which of the Bitcoins faucet to choose from, well 
First of all, you shouldn't limit yourself to one, single faucet. This would seriously slow down your potential earning speed and it would take a very long time to actually notice any revenue whatsoever.

Choose a few different faucets. The main criteria you should follow are the amounts of satoshis that the faucets offer, payout frequencies and reputations. If a site tells you that it'll pay you half a Bitcoin per day, it's probably a scam - always research the faucets you plan to use and read some user reviews around the internet. When you're sure that the Bitcoin faucet is legit, remember it's parameters and search for the next one.

Once you have four or five reputable faucet sites and apps in your disposal, figure out the rotation of each of them. It might take some getting used to, but you should soon be able to not even think about it and collect your satoshis almost automatically.