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How to make money selling your Old Devices

Started by 4niso, May 31, 2019, 09:22 pm

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While you're looking around for old gift cards, keep an eye out for old tech devices. Gazelle buys things like old smartphones and iPods. You can get an offer online, mail your device in and get paid but the process can take several days or even a few weeks.

But there is a shortcut if you need to get money fast.

Gazelle has dozens of kiosks in places like Walmart. You can take your device to a kiosk, get an offer, and if you accept it, you'll get money on the spot.

I love Gazelle. Not only do they pay you for stuff you aren't using, but they're also easy to use, entirely legitimate, and they recycle or properly dispose of items that are dangerous to the environment when dumped into a landfill. Make money and be green at the same time!

Don't want to use Gazelle? Amazon also has a great trade-in program for old electronics.